Autumn meeting of Japanese companies

Autumn meeting of Japanese companies 2017

On the last day of October, more than forty representatives from twenty-one Japanese companies and their subsidiaries operating in the Czech Republic filled the Louny Municipal Library. Fujikoki Czech became the leading organization this time in the industrial zone. The organizers have established the tradition of annual meetings, initiated by the human resource managers of the companies concerned and focused on the exchange of experience, simply "how they do", let us understand the work of the people in the organizing society. The Louny, in fact the Louny-Citolib meeting, took action from a wider perspective: In addition to personalists, the promised program attracted several corporate IT professionals and systems, as well as legal responsible staff. As part of the meeting, the part of the meeting was devoted to the GDPR, the European Directive on Personal and Corporate Data Protection, which will be an official part of Czech and European legislation since May next year, and will be significant in companies. In our case, the regulation will replace the 2000 data protection law. The regulation is needed in a world where, thanks to the numerous possibilities of shared electronic connections, the risk of data misuse increases with consequent damage to specific individuals.
After an initial brief entry with information about Fujikoki Czech with a "pre-premiere" yet unofficial new company website followed by a seminar led by Mgr. Eva Škorničková, who is deeply concerned with the implementation of the mentioned European directive in the public and private sectors. The choice of this expert proved to be a good move, and the whole half-day presentation was obviously a serious approach. Unfortunately, the concerns of future GDPR promoters have contributed to the creation of a number of canadians who abusively exploit the threat of harsh sanctions for violations exclusively for gold-burglary purposes, and instead of scapegoating inexperienced interpretation, and offer follow-up advisory services at disproportionate prices. This is why the participants have greatly appreciated the factual, comprehensible and illustrative interpretation, supported by the experience of the preparatory phase, and the questions were raining.
After a common lunch in the canteen, Fujikoki Czech followed a tour of the plant operation, which started production in the industrial zone in Louny 15 years ago. The number of expansion valves sold to air conditioners in motor vehicles this year exceeds the nine millionth limit, so we can find the products in the half-car air conditioners produced in Europe this year.
Business guests, including our three neighbors, broke in the late afternoon with the feeling that the meeting met its purpose. We are already looking forward to seeing another "Japanese" next year.

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